Dragon Warriors Combat Tutorial

Multiple Opponents

When fighting multiple opponents, a character is forced to split his Defence. A character's Defence can be allocated between up to three different attackers, but does not have to be split evenly between them.

If a character is being attacked by more than three opponents, he will have a Defence of zero against those additional attackers.

Defence must be allocated before any hit rolls are made against the character.


Sir Balin has a Defence of 7 and is surrounded by four zombies. Against one of the zombies, Sir Balin automatically has a Defence of zero because he can only split his attack between up to three attackers.

Against the other three zombies, Sir Balin allocates 3 Defence against one of them, 4 Defence against the other, and chooses to have no Defence against the third.

Having allocated his Defence, the zombies now roll their attacks against Sir Balin.