Dragon Warriors Magic

Durational Spells

Durational Spells

Most spells are over in moments but some continue to exert their supernatural influence for several rounds. These are durational spells.

Some durational spells, like Moonglow, have a fixed duration but others, like Weaken, have a variable duration, indicated in the spell duration as requiring a Spell Expiry Roll.


Spell Expiry Rolls

Spell Expiry Rolls are made at the end of every combat round, including the round in which the spell was cast, and are resolved using two six-sided dice (2d6).

If the result of the 2d6 is a 12, the spell expires.

This roll must be made individually for each spell with a variable duration still operating.


Early Expiry

Durational spells may be terminated by their caster before they expire naturally. If a durational spell was cast using Magic Points and the caster terminates the spell before a Spell Expiry Roll would indicate it terminates naturally, the caster recovers half of the Magic Points used to cast the spell (rounded down).