Dragon Warriors Tutorials


play the game

The best way to learn how to play any game is to play it, but if you're not quite ready to jump into a game of Dragon Warriors, these tutorials will quickly make you familiar with the core mechanics of the game and can be used during play to refresh your memory of the rules.

Each tutorial focuses on an element of gameplay, should take no more than a few minutes to run through, is packed with examples and tips, and references all the relevant sections of the main rulebook.



Where a term is used that has a specific in-game meaning, like an ability score name, profession, etc., it will be highlighted in orange. Hover over the word for the definition or click it to open the full glossary of terms.



You can navigate through the tutorials by using the bullets at the top and bottom of the screen (the bullet on the right progresses forward through the tutorial, the bullet on the left allows you to step back to the preceding topic), or return to the tutorials menu by clicking the centre bullet.



The tutorials are littered with lists of links to useful information, additional notes about the topic under discussion, etc. To distinguish these different types of list, the following colour-coding is used:



Examples to help illustrate the page topic are available in slide-out tabs on the left of the screen. Click where it says "Click Me!" for more information.

Click Me!

Examples for most of the sections are provided in pull-out tabs on the left side of the screen. Just click (or tap) the tab and it will pull out to the centre of the screen. Click anywhere outside the tab to make it slide back.

Ready? Then return to the tutorials menu and select any tutorial to begin!